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There are still a week's worth of games, perhaps, to determine the better team in this championship series rematch. One game in, all we know is who has the better battle cry.

A group of young men with muscles to rival Popeye are hoping to make explosive arm wrestling bouts a national pastime in Mali after showcasing their skills in the first international tournament the country has hosted.

David Eisman is a 16-year-old high school sophomore and the founder CEO of video game company Pixelman Productions, which was founded in January.

In the end, there was Stephen Curry standing in the middle of it all: beating his chest, belting out a blood-curdling scream born of one of the great escapes in conference finals history. The Golden State Warriors and the NBA's Most Valuable Player should've been buried in America's Dust Bowl days ago, demoralized, demolished, left to rot with 73 victories and a fistful of what-ifs.

A 17-year-old gorilla was shot dead Saturday by a Cincinnati Zoo employee who feared the animal would harm a child who had climbed into its enclosure, according to officials.

Russia's Olympic Committee (ROC) said on Saturday eight of its athletes from three different sports had tested positive for banned substances in a re-examination of samples taken during the 2012 London Olympics.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the decisive penalty as Real Madrid won the Champions League for an 11th time with a 5-3 shoot-out win over Atletico Madrid at the San Siro on Saturday.

Diego Simeone says Atlético Madrid's hard work and ability to reinvent and improve themselves has been crucial while Zinédine Zidane wants Real Madrid to "leave everything on the field".

The Oklahoma City Thunder are formidable, potent and rife with potential. And in the span of six days they’ve taken two games over the course of six days from a team that needed 64 days to register its second regular-season loss

At the top of the corporate world, Apple and Google are in a back-and-forth battle to be number one.

It's not clear which of the two Silicon Valley giants will emerge on top in a contest which highlights the contrast of very different business models.

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