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Written by Published in Tech June 06 2016

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts briefly hacked over the weekend, according to various reports.

Written by Published in Tech May 23 2016

At the top of the corporate world, Apple and Google are in a back-and-forth battle to be number one.

It's not clear which of the two Silicon Valley giants will emerge on top in a contest which highlights the contrast of very different business models.

Written by Published in Tech May 03 2016

A solar-powered airplane midway through a historic bid to circle the globe completed the tenth leg of its journey on Monday, landing in Arizona after a 16-hour flight from California, the project team said.

Written by Published in Tech April 19 2016

The MacBook is getting an update, Apple announced on Tuesday. Here's what you need to know:

Written by Published in Tech April 05 2016

Communications on WhatsApp are now fully end-to-end encrypted, the company announced today, completing an integration that has lasted for nearly a year and a half. The company began rolling out encrypting text messages in November 2014, as part of a partnership with Open Whisper Systems, but those protections now extend to voice calls, video, and multi-party chat rooms, for users on both iOS and Android.

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