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Written by August 02 2016

A "professional" cyber attack has hit Russian government bodies, the country's intelligence service says.

Written by June 24 2016

David Cameron has resigned as prime minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

Written by June 06 2016

The newly crowned Miss USA is a 26-year-old Army officer from the District of Columbia who gave perhaps the strongest answer of the night when asked about women in combat.

Written by June 03 2016

An hour after the LEGO show in Ningbo, China opened, the giant fox was toast.

A LEGO artist known as Mr. Zhao spent three days painstakingly building an impressive likeness of Nick Wilde, the fox from Disney’s Zootopia, out of thousands of plastic LEGO bricks for display in a shopping mall in Ningbo.

Written by June 01 2016

A group of young men with muscles to rival Popeye are hoping to make explosive arm wrestling bouts a national pastime in Mali after showcasing their skills in the first international tournament the country has hosted.


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